“The Price” continues to rise in The Flash #64 Review


Flash and Batman are similar in some ways, both have a desire to right the wrongs that criminals and bad guys do and have a knack for detective work. A single-minded nature that blinds them to feelings of others. The question that is asked a lot is “What was the price?” But in this latest issue of The Flash and installment, the heroes will be learning that the answers aren’t pleasant. Buckle up, because we’re in for a bumpy ride!


When we last left off, we learned that Gotham Girl attacked the Flash Museum to teach the speedster a lesson, revealing her brother Gotham attached to a machine, being injected with the same chemical Bane uses to gain more strength which is Venom. But we see Hank slowly beginning to fade, admitting to him that all she wants is her inspiration back and to be “The Greatest Hero of all time”.

It’s clear to see that both heroes have great respect for each other in their detective skills but what is putting a great strain on them is the guilt and burden they carry after the events of Sanctuary and gathering the clues of why Gotham Girl attacked Central City, they realize that for their partnership needs to work.


The clues they gathered from the Museum attack lead them to the Carribean, home to a “Giant, but ominous Castle”. Before entering the castle Flash gets a call from Iris, concerned about the museum attack she asks where he was; wanting to break the news to Wallace about Wally’s death. She asks if Batman was there with him, and to pass a “message” onto the Caped Crusader. After the call ends they come across something horrendous, the evidence of how far she has become obsessed and insane, the memorabilia, patheon and pictures of the DCU Heroes. The strain starts to show even more between The Flash and Batman, starting to realize something that Bruce never considered… Who was helping Gotham and Gotham Girl get started in the first place?

Credit: DC Comics

Moving further into the castle they come across a laboratory filled with equipment built with pieces of technology from Wayne tech and Mr. Freeze’s cryogenics filled with clones with the same costume Gotham wore. Near one of the tubes, Flash finds a mask that was used in Sanctuary, which causes Barry to question Bruce again, and that question was if she was ever taken to Sanctuary. If it didn’t work for Claire then why did they send Wally there? Did they send Wally to his apparent death? The argument ends abruptly as Gotham girl bursts through the wall, carrying a compound of Super Venom. Claiming that heroes do not need museums, she then unleashes the prototypes to keep the two heroes busy while she flies off to destroy Central City PD.



  • We see something that has happened quite a bit for Bruce and that is how many times heroes get benched in the Bat-Family. With Bruce trying to protect Claire but while doing so he made her feel abandoned, which she turned to someone else to help her.
  • Barry is not safe in this either I assure you, like Batman, he has made critical mistakes in the judgment under the guise of protecting their friends and loved ones from things that would cause them pain. In doing so, however, he alienated Wallace, hurting Iris in withholding information about Wally. Again, mentioned earlier in this review was the similarities in the Caped Crusader and the Scarlet Speedster is their single-minded nature causes them to miss out on how someone is feeling or what someone needs in terms of support.
  • Iris’ message to Batman was one of the best things about this issue, I loved it! Also, someone better keep Flash updated, Bruce trying to keep his secret about being left at the alter by Selina is priceless.

Final Grade: 9.5 out of 10

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