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The Premiere was two days ago, but it is time to review the pilot! Things are looking up for Charlie and Vaggie but what is Alastor truly up to? Will Sir Pentious get out of the current mess he is in? All these questions will be answered down the line, let’s get into our review of the Hazbin Hotel!

The opening sequence was done beautifully, showing the current plight of Hell and our Protagonist’s feeling of sadness and loneliness is something the viewer can relate to when trying to make their dream come true.


Elsie Lovelock, who is the voice actress for Charlie’s Singing does a miraculous job with the opening and the song “Inside of Every Demon there is a Rainbow!” The animation sequences are done well, you can see how much effort, sweat, and detail the Series Artist team has put into this new animated series; the comedy in this series may be adult-oriented in certain moments but it does pay homage to the classic cartoons and the Cartoonists. For example, in the bar, you see a certain familiar face on one of the monitors; it is clear to see how this was a labor of love, and it was amazing to see how involved the team behind Hazbin Hotel was with the fans.

Alastor, Husk, Angel, Charlie and Vaggie
Image Credit: Vivienne Medrano

The Characters of Hazbin Hotel are quite fascinating, having wonderful designs that Vivienne Medrano and her team came up with and have gotten quite a fan following amongst Angel Dust and Alastor. There might be praise for what Vivienne Medrano has accomplished but the pilot also seemed to move too quickly in some ways, for example, the introduction of Sir Pentious and his plan to take over hell, The way that Overpopulation is handled, and what caused the rift between Charlie and her family. As I mentioned before since it was the pilot there might be some minor plotholes in it that will be addressed fixed in time.

Final Grade:

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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