The Game Awards Highlights

The Game Awards brought in quite a few surprises, from the new announcement regarding Microsoft’s new Console, the first PlayStation 5 video game, The Wolf Among Us Sequel. Here are the biggest announcements from last night’s Game Awards:

The Xbox Series X, coming Holiday 2020

Phil Spencer took to the stage and unveiled what was originally called Project Scarlett, now the Project has evolved to ‘Xbox Series X’, launching with it will be a new controller and yeah, you’ll be able to play with it horizontally! Coming Holiday 2020

Hellblade is Getting a Sequel for Xbox Series X

Running on the momentum from the new Consol unveiling, Microsoft introduces the first game for its new console, Hellblade II, Microsoft’s first First-Party Game and a sequel from Ninja Theory, hauntingly dark and uncomfortable as the original; powered by Series X according to Microsoft.


Playstation 5 has it’s new Game and it’s Godfall

Sony, not willing to be outdone by those pesky guys at Microsoft; Sony introduces a game for its PlayStation 5 that is set in a new Fantasy-Universe that is a Third-Person Looter/Slasher that is also focused on Melee Combat. Created by Gearbox, the team that brought you the Borderlands Franchise.

Bravely Default II is coming to the Switch, Next Year

It is one of the biggest RPGs from the Nintendo 3DS line, Bravely Default will be getting a sequel, but on the Nintendo Switch instead next year.

The Wolf Among Us is finally getting a Sequel

Even though TellTales closed down and quite a few titles were shelved indefinitely, now the studio is back and we’re getting a sequel to the Wolf Among Us.

For a list of winners, and other announcements, head over to Polygon. And for other announcements, Kotaku.

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