Beastars Season One Review

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I could make a comparison to Walt Disney’s Zootopia, but I won’t because it’s an ongoing trend amongst reviewers and first-time watchers of this series, on March 13th, Paru Itagaki’s Beastars! Taking place in a world where Carnivores and Herbivores Co-Exist, we find ourselves at Cherryton Academy, a gruesome murder took place involving a Herbivore student from the Drama Club, with tensions already high and getting higher between the herbivores and carnivores, one student stands out above the rest; Legoshi, a Large Wolf who is kind and wouldn’t harm a living thing (Or would he?)


It may only be twelve episodes but don’t let the numbers fool you, each episode is packed with drama, action, and is well written; it is clear to see how much hard work and dedication Orange (Animation Studio) put into this series if you’re not familiar with this Studio, here are samples of their work. With the series tackling a classic “Whodunit” scenario it also touches on issues such as racism and sexism, while in most shows or movies it tries to be preachy, Beastars approach to the subject with Herbivores and Carnivores; using an animal-inhabited world to depict the divide between the two classics feels Organic. With it playing out a love angle that is considered to be taboo, we find the Protagonist, the Gentle wolf Legoshi in love with a dwarf rabbit named Haru; we witness their feelings and friendship grow with each episode, while the School’s most popular student (and current lead for the coveted title known as Beastar, the title for the creature who stands out and unites both classes despite their differences between species.) Named Louis, a Red Deer who has a guarded secret is in this love triangle that was introduced.

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In another aspect where this show shines in, is the animation, it shows different styles whether it be silhouetted lights to show off animal outlines used to paint a separate scene inside to split-screen shots and reflections, and it is incredible to see how many talented artists that were involved in this hand-drawn animation and showing what hand-drawn animation can offer; it is one of the best CG Animated series out there today. As the series ended the first act of the season, fans can’t wait for the Second Season to premiere in 2021.

Studio Spotlight: Orange
Breaking down the Incredible Animation of Beastars, Part One

Final Grade:

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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