Latest Playstation Firmware update is causing Errors, YouTube to not work

A warning for you and other gamers that have recently downloaded the Firmware update 7.51, Gamers have brought a new issue for the YouTube app on Playstation, error code np-37602-8. When trying to sign into the Video Sharing platform, it brings up the same error and has been down for the past twelve hours; YouTube recently released a statement on their Team Social Media page:

Google Support Forums has been swamped with this same issue as well, while there isn’t a statement from Sony, it is clear that their team is looking into the problem too. There has been a similar issue in 2016 and 2017, for now, there isn’t any new information on this matter, but I will update this article when the problem has been resolved. If you have been experiencing the same issue, share your thoughts with us!

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