I’m not crying, you are! The newest Stand by me Doraemon 2 Promotional Video is so Emotional!

Stand by me Doraemon 2 Promotional Visual

Aside from some ugly crying after typing this, anyone who has seen the first movie knows that this is a tear-jerker. It was so emotional, even Doraemon is crying on the poster; now the sequel is coming and we know it’s gonna be even more emotional than the first film.

Stand by Me Doraemon 2 follows Doraemon and Nobita as they visit Nobita’s grandmother in the past. Her wish to see Nobita’s wedding day in the far future sets off a string of time-travel complications, with grown-up Nobita on the loose and his bride waiting at the altar. The film is written and directed by Takashi Yamazaki (Lupin III: The First), with RyĆ«ichi Yagi co-directing.

2014’s Stand by Me Doraemon was a hit worldwide, and has become the highest-grossing film in the long-running franchise. It gained accolades for being an emotionally charged take on a childhood classic, endearing itself to both children and adults. After being pushed back due to COVID-19 delays, Stand by Me Doremon 2 is due to premiere in Japan tomorrow


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