Love Hina Creator Ken Akamatsu Eyes Japanese Parliament Seat to ‘Protect Freedom of Expression’

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When it comes to supporting his fellow manga creators in copyright policing, codifying Japan’s community creator scene, and of course, doing all of this and more while balancing a career in Manga, Ken Akamatsu has his eye on a different role, and that is in Japanese Politics.

Websites such as Crunchyroll and Anime News Network have confirmed that the legendary creator has his intention of running in next summer’s House of Councillors (upper house) election if Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party chooses to run him.

According to Crunchyroll’s Japan Correspondent, Daryl Harding, The Liberal Democratic Party — Japan’s current ruling party — falls on the conservative side of the political spectrum. Though due to the internal make-up of the party itself, and the way the Japanese government has worked since 1955, its factions system changes policy depending on which faction has the most power. The lower house has more power than the upper house, which is where the Prime Minister of Japan sits.


As reported in some media outlets, I did have an interview at LDP headquarters.

I am committed to running for the House of Councillors next summer to protect freedom of expression.

The party is currently in the midst of the selection process. Once an official announcement is made, I will convey my intentions to you all once again.

Ken Akamatsu.”

SOURCE: Crunchyroll, Anime News Network, Twitter

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