News Roundup: Anime Japan 2022 Day One


For the first time since the Pandemic Began, Anime Japan is going on this weekend with in-person attendance, and today, we’re going to look at the biggest announcements so far from the first day. Like always, the information provided in our News Roundup is provided by the following sources: Crunchyroll, and Anime News Network.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season Two Key Visual

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season Two Delivers a Heavy-Hitting New Trailer

As April 6th begins to get closer, The Rising of the Shield Hero delivers an action-filled trailer, and new visual to excite fans during its Anime Japan Stage Presentation.

Naofumi and his party will have their hands filled with what’s coming their way.

The Eminence in Shadow Visual

The Eminence in Shadow steps out of the darkness in a Brand New Trailer and Visual.

In a brand new stage show that was hosted by its voice actors, The Eminence In Shadow revealed a brand new visual and trailer for this Isekai tale. It is adapted from the Light Novel Series written by Daisuke Aizawa and Illustrated by Tozai, the series will be premiering in October 2022. Kazuya Nakanishi (chief animation director on Darwin’s Game) will be directing The Eminence in Shadow at anime studio Nexus, with Kanichi Kato (Black Clover series composer from episode 153 to170) providing the scripts, and Makoto Iino (Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town?) adapting the light novel character designs for animation.

For more information on the cast and crew, Crunchyroll has further details.

Even in his past life, Cid’s dream wasn’t to become a protagonist or a final boss. He’d rather lie low as a minor character until it’s prime time to reveal he’s a mastermind…or at least, do the next best thing-pretend to be one! And now that he’s been reborn into another world, he’s ready to set the perfect conditions to live out his dreams to the fullest. Armed with his overactive imagination, Cid jokingly recruits members to his organization and makes up a whole backstory about an evil cult that they need to take down. Well, as luck would have it, these imaginary adversaries turn out to be the real deal-and everyone knows the truth but him!

RWBY: Ice Queendom Visual

Team RWBY leaps into 2D Animation with the new series, RWBY: Ice Queendom

The Ladies are back for a brand new adventure, stepping out of the 3DCG World into a 2D Anime Series in RWBY: Ice Queendom. a new story in the franchise that sees Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long go far past the grounds of their school, Beacon Academy.

The series will be directed by Toshimasa Suzuki (Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne) at studio SHAFT with Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica writer) conceptualizing the series, Tow Ubukata (Heroic Age) writing the series compositions and scripts, and STEINS;GATE character designer huke adapting the 3D designs for 2D. The series is produced by Bandai Namco Arts alongside Good Smile Company and Rooster Teeth. The original both English dubbed and Japanese Seiyuu cast from the RWBY series will be reprising their roles.

The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup Visual

The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup picks up a new visual and trailer

The Prince of Tennis celebrates its 20th Anniversary, during The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup‘s stage event fans got a chance to see Ryoma Echizen prepare for the U-17 World Cup. In the new series, the cast has seen a substantial expansion with the national representatives for Germany, Greece, Australia, Switzerland, and France being cast:

  • Kentaro Tone as J├╝rgen Barrisavich Bork of Germany 
  • Tomokazu Seki as Zeus Iriopoulos of Greece 
  • Subaru Kimura as JJ Dolgias of Australia 
  • Kazuyuki Okitsu as Alexander Amadeus of Switzerland
  • Natsuki Hanae as Prince Ludwig Chardar of France

The Series is set to premiere in July 2022. For more information, Crunchyroll has further details.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part Six: Stone Ocean Part Two Visual

Jolyne continues her mission in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, Part Two set to premiere, later in 2022.

During Warner Bros. Japan’s Stage event, they announced that part two of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Anime Series will be premiering on Netflix, and in Japan sometime in 2022, it will include Episodes 13-24.

The Stage event also mentioned a special Tenth Anniversary project, but more information on that event will be revealed on April 4th.

Dr. Stone Season Three Visual

DR.Stone-RYUSUI prepares to set sail, arriving July 2022

While we are missing the manga series, the anime series is prepared to set sail with the new special, Dr.Stone: Ryusui. Last announced during Jump Festa, the special episode has been confirmed to be released in July, the character design setting art for the titular character Ryusui was released. Meanwhile, season three is supposed to air in 2023.

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